Professional Travel Writer and Photographer for Hire 

I write for the web, mostly travel, mostly in italy, where I live 5 months a year. I've written apps about Tuscany and Sardinia. I make websites (more than I can find time to write for--help!). I photograph. I've worn quite a few hats in my life, including those of electrical engineer, archaeologist, race car driver, cook, photographer and writer. I've written about everything from Soap Operas to eating iguanas in Nicaragua. I've spent 17 years photographing race cars, and three years driving them. Maybe we could hook up. You know, collaborate. 

(I also operate the "Wandering" group of travel web sites, including Wandering France, Wandering Italy, Wandering Portugal, Wandering Sardinia, and Wandering Liguria.)

Show us things: Get compelling content in return.

Wandering italy is a hand-coded website offering nuts and bolts travel information, using maps, video, and images to empower folks to travel. 

The Wandering Italy Blog carries more evocative stories about my rural Italian neighbors, culture, archaeology, and the evolution of Italian food and markets and the goodness of the primary ingredients. There's humor here, too.

Here's how it ties together, from region to regional food driven character sketch:

museum picture

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